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Urban Planning and Development Sector

​​​​Projects Administration

Project Management is one of the Administrations of the Technical Affairs Sector, it consists of two sections: Planning & Follow-Up Section, and Implementation Section. It contributes in designing and supervising projects of buildings and infrastructure of the Emirate. Develops projects in line with the strategic and operational plan of the Emirate and the Municipality Department, supervise and coordinate projects in liaison with institutions and government agencies to ensure the completion of projects.

Buildings Administration

As Ras Al Khaimah Municipality Department employs its efforts to provide its services in accordance with best practices; Building Administration undertakes the tasks of preparing and qualifying engineering offices, contracting companies and engineers to perform the tasks of auditing the engineering plans and submitting requests for building permits, implementation of legislation, technical regulations, electronic programs, technical and administrative staff to receive license applications, check the required drawings and documents, issue the various building permits, follow up the process of implementation and engineering supervision during the stages of licensing until issuance of certificates of completion and issuance of special permits with commercials and control after ensuring that the works conforming to the engineering standards and requirements in cooperation with its clients of owners, consultants and contractors as a team. In response to developments in the construction sector, the organizational structure and functions of the Department have been developed more than once. The organizational structure has been expanded to include four divisions, grouped according to the main processes: Qualifying Section, Building Permits Section, Inspection Section and Announcements Section.

Tasks & ​Responsibilities

  1. Classification of consulting offices and contracting companies in the Qualifying Section after providing all the required requirements.
  2. Periodic control of engineering offices and contracting companies to ensure compliance with the classification required specifications.
  3. Evaluate and assess candidates from architects and engineers to work in consulting offices and contracting companies.
  4.  Conduct research studies and scientific research to develop processes, systems, materials and work procedures in the construction sector.
  5. Audit engineering plans for all projects within the Emirate provided by the consulting offices and ensure that they comply with the regulations of building conditions and specifications in the Emirate.
  6. Issue the required building permits and other permits such as decoration, demolition and agriculture permits for all construction works in the Emirate.
  7. Supervise the engineering work on the implementation of buildings and constructions and ensure compliance with standards, specifications and approved schemes.
  8. Ensure the quality of work implementation in various sites in the Emirate and ensure compliance with the approved schemes.
  9. Manage and resolve complaints and disputes and conduct periodic sites inspection in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah.
  10. Organize the work of irregularities removals to improve the appealing appearance of the emirate.
  11. Ensure that public security and safety requirements are applied in under construction sites.
  12. Issue buildings completion certificates, after ensuring that the buildings are complying with approved permits and drawings.
  13. Audit the structural requirements and architectural design of billboards.
  14. Conduct field visits to ensure fulfillment of billboards requirements and take required measurements.


Planning and Survey Administration

Planning and Survey Administration is considered as an active admin in the Municipality Department, which includes the areas of planning and modernization, which puts into accounts features of the future and the natural evolution of the movement and growing populations.
The Planning and Survey Administration was established based on the decree issued by His Highness Sheikh Saqr bin Mohammed Al Qasimi – May Allah have mercy on him - on 2 \ 1 \ 2004. Engineering section in Lands Department previously formed the foundation of the administration which was the actually launched on 10/5/2004. The Administration was facilitated by large number of technicians and administrators to keep abreast of the development witnessed by Ras Al Khaimah under the wise government led by His Highness Sheikh Saud bin Saqr Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Ras Al Khaimah.
The Administration also carries out many different transactions, whether from the work of field survey or issuance of maps.

Geographic Information System ‘GIS’ Center

GIS Center was established in 2016 based on the approval of RAK municipality organizational chart and in accordance with the Emiri Decree No. 2 of 2004.Based on the requirements of unifying and integrating geographical information in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, GIS Center is part of the municipality’s administrations.
GIS Center organizational chart consists of following main sections and number of units:
Geographical Data Section
Geographical Projects Section

Tasks & Responsibilities

  1. ​Improving systems, specifications and standards of construction and buildings and ensure the compliance with them.
  2. Raising the level of quality in the constrction of buildings and materials used, and the protection of the environmental from construction waste.
  3. Serve the needs of the Emirate from new and existing public projects.
  4. Make a good use of the Municipality's ability to provide places for advertising and organizing their operations and monitoring their contents.
  5. Supervise the development of a number of projects and their applications related to GIS technology in the Municipality Department.
  6. Provide data, maps and applications to all departments to effectively utilize GIS.
  7. Cooperate and coordinate with individuals, institutions and government departments to provide them with data, applications and geographic services.
  8. Provide internal departments and sections with data, information, plans and required studies.
  9. Market all products issued in the center such as maps, aerial photos, tourist map, layers data and any other publications related to this field.
  10. Work on a package of specialized projects with internationally recognized standards.
  11. Control achievements quality and the extent of applying international regulations and standards.
  12. Ensure availability of the center’s services for both internal and external customers.
  13. Conduct necessary studies and research to develop GIS for all entities.
  14. Provide technical assistance and advice to Ministries and other government entities concerned with GIS matters.
  15. Coordinate between government bodies and institutions that implement GIS system at the Emirate level.
  16. Represent the Municipality Department in GIS conferences and exhibitions of local, Arab, regional and international geographic levels.
  17. Manage operations and maintenance of GIS infrastructure in the Emirate.
  18. Participate in developing both the Municipality Department’s and GIS Center’s strategical plans and link all the outcomes with KPIs in coordination with Corporate Development Office.