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General-Director Office

​​Corpoarte Communications Office

This department's objectives center around the interaction with the audience, as it is keen to create a close relationship between the department and its dealers. We in the Municipality of Ras Al Khaimah believe that municipal work does not reach the perfect score without effective communication with the public and without meeting their needs and achieving their aspirations, and this can only happen through transparency and the establishment of a special relationship with the media outlets and other decision makers in the society. We at the Office of Institutional Communications are working to enhance communications between senior management and other administrations in the department.

Tasks & ​Responsibilities

  1. Raise the level of communication with dealers and raise the level of their awareness and culture, and create interactive channels to increase communication.
  2. Deepen communication with customers to promote knowledge and recognition of the activities of the Municipality Department through publication in the Ras Al Khaimah Municipality Magazine, statistical books, brochures, memos, posters, newspapers and direct contact through events and celebrations.
  3. Increase efficiency and overall capacity in the field of government communication.
  4. Strategic planning for the institutional communications based on the plan and strategy of Ras Al Khaimah Municipality.
  5. Classification of information in cooperation with the relevant authorities, building on and employing the information.
  6. Building the concept of respect for the Arabic language.
  7. Promoting national identity.
  8. Emphasize and promote institutional culture.
  9. Contribute to the clarity of the institutional environment and promote the positive image of the municipality employees.
  10. Encourage internal and external communication with customers.
  11. Deepening the partnership role with the external parties.
  12. Contribute to awareness campaigns.
  13. Encourage meaningful advertising.
  14. Encourage technological progress and engagement in new communication tools and their use to serve the goals of the Office of institutional Communications.
  15. Responding to media outlets and media communication.
  16. Building open media relations benefiting both parties to promote public awareness and give them the opportunity to understand the policy of the municipality and its initiatives, programs and all outputs.

Corporate Development Office

The Corporate Development Office specializes in applying quality systems, models and the requirements of the development of the institutional performance and government excellence so as to promote a culture of excellence and outstanding service to customers. RAK Municipality received two international ISO certificates in 2006: 9001-2008 (administrative) and 14001-2004 (environmental).

In March 2013, the Municipality won second place in the category of Distinguished Government Department in Sheikh Saqr Program for Government Excellence, and first place in the category of Distinguished Quality Unit, thus translating the continuous efforts in the implementation of an action plan in line with the requirements of institutional performance excellence and achieving leaderships' visions in growth and development.

Tasks & ​Responsibilities

  1. Preparation and documents of work procedures in the Municipality and follow-up their adjustment as per work interest and requirements of the quality system practiced in the Municipality.
  2. Improve the level of service provided by conducting studies related to the services provided by the Municipality.
  3. Develop working methods, tools and mechanisms respectively, and develop criteria for measuring the performance of the operations in the Municipality, in coordination with the concerned departments.
  4. Preparation, implementation and follow-up of plan and internal audit programs of the quality system in the Municipality.
  5. Follow-up corrective and preventive measures for work issues.
  6. Spread the culture of quality in the Municipality through leaflets, brochures, competitions and seminars.
  7. Collecting necessary data and information for quality management.
  8. Analysis of data and information.
  9. The application of self-assessment on an annual basis.
  10. Preparation and follow-up of improvement plans and presenting their results to the department's administration.
  11. Cooperation and coordination with all departments of the Municipality.
  12. Prepare annual reports on the achievements of the office.
  13. Follow-up of suggestions and complaints of customers in all departments, in coordination with supervisors and coordinators of quality systems.

Internal Audit Office

The Internal Audit Office is an office that reports directly to the Director General office to perform objective and independent supervisory and advisory activity. It adds value, improvement and assistance in achieving the objectives through a disciplined systematic approach to assess and improve the effectiveness of risk management systems, internal control systems and other control / governance mechanisms in line with the best international standards and practices.

Tasks & ​Responsibilities​​

  1. Ensure compliance with internal policies and procedures of the department, review working manuals and assess the regulatory environment.
  2. Review the appropriateness of laws and regulations to the nature of work.
  3. Protect assets and make sure they are used optimally.
  4. Ensure evaluating and assessing encountered risks and contributing to improving management. 
  5. Check whether the Key operational business are effective in achieving the department’s objectives and working efficiently and economically.
  6. Monitor all sections and make sure that individuals are accomplishing their assigned tasks in accordance with the department’s objectives. 
  7. Conduct, as appropriate, any investigations into allegations of errors or irregularities relating to internal audit functions.​

Statistical Office ​

The Statistics Office was established in the Municipality Department in 2007, where it manages the statistical work, prepares studies within the department's interest for decision-making, and provides the official statistics relating to the department within qualified cadres.

Tasks & ​Responsibilities​​

  1. Completes data statistical analysis on the work of the department; reverses it to its strategy and holds its institutional performance on which future development plans are based.
  2. Prepares field studies to solve problems and manifestations that arise from time to time, which helps in decision-making.​
  3. Prepares and publishes statistical reports and studies in the fields of the department’s competences.
  4. Provides official statistical data of local and federal departments in the Emirate.
  5. Manages statistical work of the department.
  6. Participates in seminars, conferences and other statistics activities.
  7. Any other tasks assigned by competence.