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Customer Happiness Center


Ras Al Khaimah Municipality puts the customers at the forefront of their priorities, and the customer satisfaction is one of most important goals the department seeks to achieve by simplifying work procedures and the continuous development of services. The Municipality is keen to promote the level of services through the development of staff skills and improving their performance and using the latest software and following the latest systems in the area of municipal work.

The Customer Service Center is directly linked to the Director-General, and is entrusted with the following tasks:

  1. Promote communication with customers and provide them with the necessary services for individuals or institutions from the government or private sector.
  2. Supervising the preparation and organization of polls measuring the level of satisfaction with the services provided to the public and dealers.
  3. Provide the dealers whether individuals or institutions or companies with all the necessary information they require either through direct contact or through the communication channels and available means.
  4. Study incoming complaints and suggestions by customers and the public regarding the provision of services by different departments through the communication with the head of the Customer Service Center.

The Customer Service Center undertakes its duties through its presence in four centers: the Planning and Survey Admin - Building Admin - Public Health Admin – Lands and Properties Sector:

  1. Phone number of Customer Service Center (07 - 2466666) 
  2. Director of Customer Service Center (07 - 2466666 Ext. 6001)