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Support Services Administration

​​The Support Services Administration provides support to the rest of the sectors, administrations and sections in the Municipality, and it specializes in overseeing the provision of basic services to ensure the proper functioning of the departments at the Municipality in coordination with the relevant departments and sections, and it works on securing  resources and different needs, thus facilitating a better performance of tasks.

Human Resources Section

Human resources are considered a key element in the progress and advancement of the quality of work and will ensure the achievement of the vision, mission and the implementation of the policy and strategy of the Municipality, that's why the Municipality is keen to attract the best talents in addition to the development and training of the staff of the Municipality to keep pace with the developments and scientific progress, and achieve efficiency in their current and future work, thus benefiting individuals and the Municipality as a whole. Building the employees is an important investment undertaken by the Human Resources Department.

Tasks & Responsibilities 

  1.  Overseeing the development and implementation of HR systems in the municipality for  appointing, promoting, training the staff and evaluating performance and termination of service etc. - according to the Human Resources Department's policy. ·
  2. Overseeing the provision of all basic services needed by the municipality to support its organizational units and the performance of its human resources.
  3. Supervision of all activities related to promoting employee loyalty.
  4. Develop and implement programs to attract local human resources according to eligible merit criteria.
  5. Preparation of required plans for the development and training of human resources in coordination with the Institutional Excellence Office.
  6. Preparation of the annual human resources budget of the municipality.
  7. Take advantage of the best practices in promoting and activating systems which motivate human resources.
  8. Develop mechanisms to raise the efficiency of the performance of human resources in coordination with the organizational units in the municipality in accordance with best practices.
  9. Motivate employees to work and to be creative and promote work loyalty as well as to have a positive interaction with all suggestions and complaints.
  10. Delegation of authority and empowerment and preparing the second row of leaders.
  11. The preparation of modern career paths for employees, and correct and clear job descriptions for each job in the functional structure.
  12. Achieve a perfect internal communication process.
  13. Provide excellent services to internal clients such as: Arranging employees travels, tickets, visas and passports and issuance of their identity and business cards.

Financial Resources Section

Establish rules to regulate financial affairs according to the applicable laws, which ensures protecting the department funds from idleness or waste, and establishing rules to regulate the process of revenue collection, in order to protect the department's income and work on the development of revenues and rationalization of expenditure and perform the financial studies needed to help decision makers make the appropriate decisions in a timely manner in order to achieve the vision, mission and core values of the Municipality and its strategic goals and strive to achieve customer satisfaction.

 Tasks & Responsibilities  

  1. Overseeing the receipt and collection of revenue and supplication to banks and saving related documents.
  2. Audit payments of the Municipality and issuance of its checks and its documents saving.
  3. Preparation of monthly financial reports and monitoring its provisions in line with the general budget estimate, and in the case of a deviation or exceeding, causes are clarified and resolved, and financial reports prepared by a special request.
  4. Development of financial systems and simplifying procedures.
  5. Preparing the budget estimates for the Municipality, in coordination with all the departments and sections.
  6. Preparing the long-term Budget (5 years).
  7. Preparing an emergency budget.
  8. Increasing revenues and rationalization expenditure.
  9. Optimal use of financial resources.
  10. Contribute to creating a favorable environment for investment.
  11. Any other related responsibilities commissioned by the direct supervisor.

Administrative Services Section

To ensure securing all the needs of the department at a cost effictive price and suitable quality in accordance with the applicable and accepted purchasing rules, in order to achieve the vision, mission and core values of the Municipality and its strategic objectives, and to meet the needs of the different sections and departments in a timely manner, and strive to achieve customer satisfaction.

Tasks & Responsibilities 

  1.   Participate in the development of the procurement budget.
  2.   Store goods as per scientific methods to secure their safety.
  3.   Receipt and inspection of purchased items according to purchase orders and their classification in preparation for storage.
  4.   Follow-up suppliers' registry at the beginning of each year.
  5.   Organize items labels and registration process.
  6.   Regulate and register materials input processes and removal from the warehouse.
  7.   Secure the safety and security conditions for Municipality's warehouses.​​