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Building Permits

Group Building Department
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​This section is aimed to improve the regulations, specifications, construction standards and buildings, also to ensure compliance with the law and the development of buildings and develop the standard specifications of the buildings and the issuance of different permits and ensure compliance with the requirements of the approved requirement. In addition to the issuance of permits for construction projects in the emirate, and coordination with local departments and federal institutions about the requirements of buildings.​

Section Services 

  1. Modification and Adjustment Permit Request
  2. Fencing Permit Request
  3. Final New Building Permit Request
  4. Building Permit Request for Buildings without Permit Request
  5. Drawings Approval Request
  6. Final Arrangement and Digging Permit Request
  7. Interlock (Paving) Permit Request
  8. Décor Permit Request
  9. Maintenance Permit Request
  10. Caravan Permit Request
  11. Demolition Permit Request
  12. Outside Planting Permit Request
  13. Painting or Cladding Permit Request
  14. Shaded Parking Permit Request
  15. Renew Permit Request
  16. Application Cancellation Request
  17. Permit Cancellation Request
  18. Change Design Consultant Request before Permit Delivery Case
  19. Technical Exception Request
  20. Project Request

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