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Address is a group of information, used to describe the location of buildings, apartments, or plots of land. The addressing system has been established for addressing the difficulties of identifying locations and locating individuals using a specific and accurate system for naming streets and numbering buildings without any duplication. This facilitates the access of individual to services as quickly as possible, especially emergency services such as fire service, ambulance, police, etc., which the time of their arrival to the citizen is a sensitive element. That contribute to raising the quality of life for citizens and creating an attractive environment for tourists. Environmentally, reducing the travelling period, as a result of the accurate description of the address, contributes to reducing carbon emissions, increasing the quality of the Emirate's environment, as well as reducing fuel consumption, helping to sustain energy resources.


​​Increasing the efficiency of the citizen and resident’s life via enhancing service standard as following:

  1. -        Increasing the speed of the access to the social services (emergency services such as ambulance, fire service vehicles, police vehicles, etc.,
  2. -        Reducing the travelling time that results in reducing fuel consumption and helping to sustain resources.
  3. -        reducing carbon emissions, that reducing the air emissions and improve the climate.
  4. -        The more speed and accuracy in postal delivery and the services of delivering other goods.
  5. -        Giving a good impression, about the level of services provided to the community, for visitors and tourists which increases the attractiveness of the Emirate for tourists.

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