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Lands & Properties Sector


Lands and Properties Sector is a service sector in RAK Municipality that deals with documentations, registration, disposition and handling of properties. Its vision is to achieve regional excellence in the provision of real estate acquisition and services. In 1958, this sector was established as the Office of Documentation and Registration of Properties at the Municipality Department. Later in 1976 due to an Amiri Decree, the office activities were separated to establish an independent service department, which are documentation, registration and transfer of properties. In 2014, by Amiri Decree No. (8), the Department was merged under Ras Al Khaimah Municipality Department as Lands and Properties Sector.

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Real Estate Proprietary & Notary Administration

Provide high quality services in documenting the transactions of annexation and separation of property, renewal of title deeds proving ownership of inheritance, division and reconciliation, taking into account the application of the provisions of Sharia and the laws of the Municipality Department in respect of distribution of heirs’ shares.

Real Estate Data Administration

Achieve high quality level in organizing and following-up research and investigation of real estate register in Ras Al Khaimah Municipality Department, electronic and manual archiving operations, summoning of information for the files of property documents and the registration of mortgage contracts, as well as the planning, organizing and following-up of the engineering works related to undiscovered old properties. Reports to be presented to Old Property Registry Committee.

Real Estate Registry Administration

Provide high quality services in real estate sales registrations and assignment contracts, organizing the activities of real estate brokerage offices and companies. Approving rental contracts through which they are implemented and providing high quality programs in training and qualifying the owners, managers and representatives of these offices and companies, which ultimately leads to increasing the satisfaction of customers, investors and brokers. Moreover, contribute to the vision of the department and its first strategic goal in creating an attractive environment for real estate investment in Ras Al Khaimah.

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