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Energy Efficiency and Renewables Administration – Reem


Reem, the Energy Efficiency & Renewables Administration of Ras Al Khaimah Municipality is the government office dedicated to driving and reporting on the implementation and continuous update of the  Energy Efficiency & Renewable (EE&R) Strategy 2040. 

In particular, Reem’s mandate includes the following:

  • Define and maintain the EE&R Strategy for the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah
  • Provide coordination and support to implementing entities to ensure the strategy remains on track
  • Drive specific programs requiring a specialised and neutral entity(e.g.,retrofit program,solar program,energy management program)
  • Support program enablers: policy making, regulation, awareness & training, financing, research and innovation
  • Promote a local market for EE&R goods and services

Our Mission

Support value creation for residents, businesses and government of Ras Al Khaimah through energy efficiency and renewable energy

Our Vision

To be a recognised role model as a public energy efficiency agency

Strategy and Performance Management Section

The section supports coordination, reporting and continuous improvement of the EE&R Strategy

Tasks & Responsibilities​​​ 

  • Develop and maintain the frameworks of EE&R Strategy ​​​
  • Manage program implementation of the EE&R Strategy
  • Provide periodic reporting on the EE&R Strategy​
  • Provide analytics support to the EE&R Strategy​

Energy Services Section

The section delivers energy efficiency projects as part of the retrofit and energy management programs

Tasks & Responsibilities​​​ 

  • Drive the retrofit and energy management programs of Ras Al Khaimah​​
  • Design and implement related regulatory frameworks and supporting mechanisms​
  • Organise and run the related reporting system​

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Solar Section

The section delivers renewable energy projects as part of the solar rooftop and utility-scale solar programs

Tasks & Responsibilities​​​ 

  • Drive the solar programs for Ras Al Khaimah
  • Support the design of relevant regulatory frameworks and supporting mechanisms​
  • Organise and run the reporting system for the solar programs​​

Awareness & Capacity Building Section

The section supports market awareness and development of market capabilities

Tasks & Responsibilities​​​ 

  • Design, implement and manage training programs​
  • Design and manage relevant awareness programs​
  • Organise relevant workshops and events​​
  • Manage initiatives to develop market capabilities​

Advisory and Special Projects Section

​​The section provides project-based services, including advisory, studies, and projects for the continuous improvement of Reem

Tasks & Responsibilities​​​ 

  • Drive continuous improvement of Reem​
  • Provide advisory services for EE&R Strategy participants as required 
  • Conduct specific studies
  • Design and manage programs which do not fall under the responsibilities of the other sections, or which require particular temporary focus​​​